The 3rd European Regional

Safe Community Conference

Safety - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

4–5 June 2012, Falköping, Sweden


Looking back - Contemporary Analysis - Future Challenges

Welcome to Falköping and a conference on safety promotion and injury prevention. It was here in Skaraborg that the work with a Safe Community began over 20 years ago. Ever since, the Falköping model, based on scientific research, has spread worldwide.

The conference will begin with a look back at what has happened. Then we will present current methods and research as well as highlight good examples from today.  Lastly we will look at how we can work in the future. For instance, how can the role of the Fire and Rescue Services develop? How can we develop preventative injury action for children and the elderly? What is our role in community preparedness for eventual catastrophes, such as contaminated drinking water and major power failure? Together we create opportunities to meet future challenges and influence the consequences of these challenges!

Come as a conference guest or contribute to the conference program by presenting your own successful work, based on research, evidence based methods or good examples.

A warm welcome to Falköping!

Conny Johansson  
Chairman of the Public Health Council

Titti Walterum
Public Health Coordinator

Please note that the final day for registration is May 20th.

Target group

The conference is addressed to anyone who is interested in safety promotion and injury prevention (public health, drugs, crimes etc.) at the local, national and European level.

Target groups are people working with these topics practically, strategically or theoretically, eg practitioners, researchers, politicians, decision makers, personnel at the Fire and Rescue Service, or people in the nonprofit sector.

Collaboration partners

The conference is arranged by the Municipality of Falköping in collaboration with WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
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